How to Play Super 6 Outside UK

Skybet Super 6

The Super 6 is a Sky Sports football predictions lottery. You can select the games from any UK league, including the Scottish Premier League and international games. If you guess the six games correctly, you can win up to £250k. If you cannot guess them all, the person with the highest points total wins £5k. Of course, you can check the website for the leaderboards, but you have to make sure you have your bets in by the start of the first game. If you are traveling abroad and from the UK or just want to try your hand at predicting the Super 6 from outside the country, you’ll need to connect to a VPN.

Quickstart Guide for Using a VPN with Super 6

Super 6 is easy and free to play, as long as you follow these steps.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day money back guarantee).
  2. After doing so, open the client and connect to a server in the UK.
  3. Now, open a browser and go to the Super 6 website, or go to the Skybet app.
  4. Once you are ready, make sure you have your picks in before the first game.
  5. Enjoy watching your favorite UK football teams play.
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Things to Consider When Playing Super 6

As we said, you may want to set your account up early. While it is easy to do, the website makes you go through several steps. In other words, it is not something you want to do right before the first game starts. These steps include entering your name, DOB, postcode (then you have to select the address if you have not already entered one), the phone number (if you are not from the UK, it will take international phone numbers), username, and mother’s maiden name. You then have to select a security question and select a pin. After this point, you only have to check the box for terms and conditions and complete your registration.

If you win and you live outside the UK, you may have issues not related to this. That depends on what Skybet does with your address. If you are not sure, we suggest checking first.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Access Super 6

What are geo-blocks and why do they prevent me from using Super 6 when traveling outside the UK? Geo-blocks are restrictions that prevent people from accessing websites and apps based on their locations. They are typically put in place by countries to block content. Another reason that you may encounter this is because some providers have the rights to show content in certain regions of the world. Another concept that you may have seen that is extremely similar is firewalls that prevent people from accessing content at the workplace or school.

A VPN can help you get around these problems. Geo-blocks normally work by detecting the locations of your IP address to determine whether the content is available in your region. This is exactly why a VPN can help you. A good VPN will mask your current IP and give you a new one in a region of your choosing. Connecting to a server in the UK where Super 6 is available will allow you access to it. Use a VPN to unblock content and avoid geo-restrictions.

How ExpressVPN Can Help You Play Super 6


ExpressVPN is our top pick for unblocking streaming services, games, and more. A VPN can help by allowing you to change your IP address to another one in a different region. ExpressVPN has servers around the world. The service has over 94 countries to choose from. You can connect to different regions of the world where what you want to access is available. Another benefit of the service is the encryption that keeps you safe, while you are online or streaming. ExpressVPN also has a kill switch that protects your privacy even if your connection was to drop. The service does not log and holds privacy as its core value. Use ExpressVPN to stay protected while unblocking content.

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ExpressVPN is a great service that will protect your privacy. Your IP will be masked to help you get access to geo-blocked content. The company also does not keep active logs of its users. Keep your data safe, while streaming shows, playing video games, and searching the internet. We are excited to share our exclusive offer which will help you get an extra 3 months free. ExpressVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee that will help you try out the service for yourself.

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