How to Watch Zee Bangla in USA

Zee Bangla Console

Zee Bangla is the first 24-hour Bengali Entertainment Channel. The channel consists of a mix of genres like drama, movies, and news, emphasizing entertainment. Zee Bangla has many programs that are very popular among the Bengali community in India and Bangladesh. If you speak Bengali, you probably already know about it. However, you may not know how to watch it outside your home area. If you are traveling or an ex-pat, you can watch it anywhere with a VPN.

Quickstart Guide for Using a VPN with Zee Bangla

For the quickest and easiest way to watch Zee Bangla, follow these steps.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day money back guarantee).
  2. Once you have opened the client, locate a server in India.
  3. Open a browser and connect to Zee Bangla. You can also download the app to watch it anywhere. Keep in mind you will need to sign with your credentials from your subscription. You will want to register with the VPN on as well if you have not already.
  4. Watch and enjoy all of the different shows and movies on Zee Bangla.
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What are the Best Things to Watch on Zee Bangla?

Now, we’ll take a look at some of the highest-rated shows to watch on Zee Bangla. Here is the quick list.

  • Kark Rogue
  • Rangbaaz
  • Kailasapuram
  • Rejctx
  • Never Kiss Your Best Friend
  • Jamai 2.0
  • Code M
  • Kaale Dhande
  • Kaafir
  • Karenjit Kaur

And many more. No matter what your favorite type is, you have it all available to you on Zee Bangla.

More About Zee Bangla

Zee Bangla launched in 1999 and was the first Bangla TV Channel in India. While it is not the only one any longer, it is certainly the biggest by viewership. In addition to the shows we just mentioned, fans of reality programming will love Apur Sangar, Atho Parinita Katha, Coffee & More, Home Minister Bouma, Khola Mone, and others. You can also find news and living sporting events on the network, such as the Olympics and others.

Why Use a VPN with Zee Bangla?

While you can access the site and app outside India and Bangladesh, you can’t watch anything outside the area. That is because of the geo-restrictions. Those are blocks put in place by media companies like Zee Bangla to stop viewers from watching outside those two countries. Often, that is due to licensing rights. However, you can still watch your favorites by connecting to a VPN in India (or Bangladesh, but you have a better chance in India).

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