How to watch Sausage Party on Netflix from any country

Sausage Party

Sausage Party is an animated movie about food that can think and feel just like humans. It sounds ridiculous, and the comedy is designed to be outrageous and un-PC. The film has been rated R for “pervasive crude and sexual content and language, some drug material and nudity.” And, if you believe the critics, it’s not even funny. However, what Sausage Party is about cuts right to the heart of one of today’s most controversial issues: religious belief. If you want to watch this controversial movie on Netflix, you’re in luck. You can watch it on the streaming service, providing you are in the right areas. However, if you travel to the US, you’ll need to connect to a VPN.

How to change Netflix regions to watch Sausage Party

If you want to watch Sausage Party on Netflix from the USA, follow these steps.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day money-back guarantee).
  2. Download the app to your desktop, tablet or mobile device.
  3. Once you launch the app, you need to connect to a VPN server in Canada.
  4. Open the Netflix app or website and search for the Sausage Party.
  5. Enjoy the movie and other great titles anywhere in the world.

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Sausage Party

Why is Sausage Party not available on Netflix in my country? As we mentioned, the movie is only available in certain regions due to licensing rights. That’s because they only have content licenses available in some areas of the world. Sausage Party is available in 18 countries. These regions include Canada, France, South Korea, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia, etc. That means you’d typically have to miss out if you are in the US or elsewhere.

Luckily, ExpressVPN will help you solve this problem. It will do that by changing your IP address to the area you want to use. This will also mask your current IP, so you’ll appear in one of those countries. Not only will it unblock the movie so you can watch it in the US, but it will also unblock other regional libraries as well. This will unblock the streaming service or the regional library and help you watch any movie you want. That way, you can view your favorite film unrestricted with a VPN.

This raunchy comedy will make you laugh hard

Once you strip away all of the swearing, sex jokes, food puns (“My yeast!”), ethnic stereotypes, surprise celebrity appearances (briefly), flashy animation, dramatic foreshadowing, etc., the plot of Sausage Party is pretty simple. While everyone prepares for their future lives after “the Great Beyond” (a heavenly place above the supermarket where food believes humans take them when they are chosen to leave), a sausage named Frank learns that he and his friends are doomed to be eaten by humans. They then embark on a quest to escape this fate, believing that the Chosen One who has yet to arrive will be able to save them.

The central tension in the story comes from how different foods interpret what the Great Beyond means, which largely depends on their religious traditions. The Jewish bagel sees it as reincarnation—that it’s destined to come back as another form of life—while an Arabic lavash chooses suicide over that possibility. The point is, you can use religion to explain anything, even the Great Beyond. However, it’s up to the individual what to believe.

If you have not seen the movie before, check out the official trailer for Sausage Party:

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