How to Watch Maggie Outside the US

Maggie on Hulu

Maggie is a comedy sitcom show about a psychic who struggles with the future. That’s because she begins to see glimpses of her own destiny. This great show is a Hulu exclusive, coming to the popular streaming service on July 6th, 2022. While the show may air internationally because Disney may put it on the international versions of Disney, it is only available on Hulu in the US. If you have a Hulu subscription and are outside the US, you can still watch the show, providing that you connect to a VPN.

Quickstart Guide for Watching Maggie Outside the USA

If you want to watch the sitcom Maggie on Hulu, follow these directions.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day money-back guarantee).
  2. Now, download and install the app on your favorite device.
  3. Launch the Express VPN app and connect to a server in the United States.
  4. Open a browser and go to the Hulu website or app.
  5. Search for Maggie starting July 6th, 2022, to enjoy the show along with other great streaming options.

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Do I Need a VPN to Watch Maggie?

Yes, if you want to watch the show on Hulu outside the US. At this time, we have not been able to find any information about Disney releasing the show internationally. That means even if you do have a Disney Plus subscription, you may not be able to see this show outside the US. That is, of course, unless you take some extra steps. Although there was some talk of an international version of Hulu at one time, Disney put a stop to that by releasing some of its titles on Disney Plus and Star Plus. Their actions helped to cut NBCUniversal out of the picture, at least internationally.

That said, ExpressVPN will help you with the extra steps to watch Hulu outside the US. Because it changes your IP address to a US one, you’ll be able to fool the blocking software into thinking you are in the states. You can also gain access to other streaming services that are in the US. That way, you can watch this fun situation comedy or anything else on the streaming service unrestricted with a VPN.

About the cast of this show

As with any new show, the actors usually have a history of other performances and/or shows and movies. That is true of the show Maggie. Now, we’ll look at the cast and provide you with a bit of information about some of them.

  • Rebecca RittenhouseMaggie – Rebecca Rittenhouse started her acting career as a hobby. She got her first role (Veronica) in a movie called Philadelphia, Ti Amo. She later got off-broadway roles and ended up with the main role of Brittany Dobler in the teen medical comedy-drama, Red Band Society.
  • David Del Rio – David Del Rio started his acting career at the age of 20 in 2008. He played the role of Freddie Ramirez in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Since that time, he has had roles in Pitch Perfect, Spare Parts, and several other roles.

Other actors in the show include Nichole Sakura, Angelique Cabral, and Leonardo Nam.

Please look at the official trailer for the show.

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