How to unblock Canadian News on Facebook and Instagram


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has decided to block users from posting or seeing content from Canadian news in their social media feeds. This move is in response to the Canada Online News Act. Meta’s preemptive action of blocking Canadian news content has incited a flurry of reactions. To some, it is seen as an aggressive move to demonstrate the potential consequences of the proposed act. To others, it represents a stand against what they perceive as a threat to the principles of a free and open internet.

Quickstart Guide for unblocking Canadian news on Facebook and Instagram with a VPN

Meta has decided to block Canadian news. Follow these directions to see the news in your feeds.

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  3. Launch the ExpressVPN app and connect to a server in the United States.
  4. Now open Facebook or Instagram. You will notice that you can both post news snippets and view news from Canadian publishers.
  5. Use the app as intended to read the latest news from Canada.
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Why do I need a VPN to post or view news in Canada?

The Canada Online News Act has been a topic of contention between social media conglomerates and the Canadian government. It proposes that tech giants like Meta should pay for news content shared on their platforms, a concept that has stirred heated debates in the tech industry.

Critics argue that this act could impede free speech and information access, turning the internet into a pay-to-play platform. On the other hand, proponents believe it could provide much-needed financial support to struggling news outlets, ensuring the survival of rigorous journalism in an increasingly digital world.

The future implications of the Canada Online News Act remain uncertain. However, this ongoing tug-of-war between the Canadian government and tech giants like Meta underscores the complex relationship between technology, media, and government regulation in the digital age.

Internet freedom in Canada

In the broader context of the Canada Online News Act, the issue of internet freedom in Canada emerges as a critical talking point. The internet, hailed as a universal platform for free expression and access to information, has radically democratized content creation and consumption. However, the act’s stipulation that social media giants pay for news content shared on their platforms could potentially curtail this freedom. There is concern that this might set a precedent for similar fee-imposing regulations, leading to an internet where content is behind a paywall, thereby limiting access to information for users who can’t afford to pay.

On the flip side, the concept of internet freedom is not just about access but also about the quality of content, which feeds into the idea of supporting journalism through payments. The Canada Online News Act could potentially enhance internet freedom by ensuring the sustainability of reputable news outlets. By providing financial support to these outlets, the act could ensure the creation and sharing of high-quality, reliable news content, thus enriching the internet as a source of information. Balancing these aspects of internet freedom – access and quality – is a complex task that legislators, tech companies, and users alike must grapple with.

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