How to watch Ex Machina on Netflix from any country

Ex Machina

Ex_Machina is a film about Caleb, a computer coder who wins an award to spend time with his company’s CEO. This CEO has gone against the public eye and created Ava; she is the first AI that can pass for humans in conversation. Caleb spends much of his time at the house talking with Ava to see if he can determine whether or not she indeed possesses intelligence. This movie is enjoyable, highly rated, and you can watch it on Netflix in some regions. However, if you want to watch it in the USA, you’ll need to connect to a VPN to enjoy the film.

How to change Netflix regions to watch Ex Machina

If you want to watch Ex Machina on Netflix from any country, follow these steps.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day money-back guarantee).
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your desktop or the favorite device you want to use.
  3. Next, launch the ExpressVPN app and connect to a server in the Germany.
  4. Now, go to the Netflix app or website and search for Ex Machina.
  5. Then, you can enjoy watching the movie and other great content.

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Why do you need a VPN to watch the movie?

Unfortunately, finding Ex Machina on Netflix is a bit of a cat and mouse game. In other words, the service could take down the movie or change regions whenever it feels like it. At this time, Ex Machina is available in 21 countries. Some of these regions are Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, and others. If you have issues finding the movie when you connect, we suggest contacting support for a solution and checking to make sure it is still in the country you are using. Of course, the reason it’s not available in more regions is because of licensing rights. Those can stop different areas from being able to see specific shows and movies like this one. That is especially true in the US.

Luckily, that’s where connecting to a provider like ExpressVPN will help you. By doing so, you can connect to one of the areas we mentioned so you can watch it anywhere. That’s because it changes your IP address. It will also help mask your current IP address so you will appear in one of the locations. Whether you want to watch Ex Machina or other shows and movies, you can do that with a VPN. You can also watch regional streaming services that you would not usually be able to see.

This movie tackles an interesting question in general

A popular rating website gives this film a mammoth 92% critical rating. While some movies can be garbage and still have high ratings, the audience score on this one is still impressive at 86%. That usually means this movie is good. It brings up an interesting question. Can AI really have intelligence? That largely depends on what you consider intelligence. If you think intelligence the ability to learn or solve problems, some humans can’t do that. Fortunately, as good as AI is, it cannot be self-aware. Nor can AI truly feel anything. All it can do is go off of the way it is programmed.

That said, the lines become increasingly blurry as technology moves forward. You can find many sci-fi cautionary tales that warn against the day when that could happen. AI is not capable (at this point) of having independent thoughts, only the thoughts it is programmed with.

Here is a quick look at the trailer:

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