How to Unblock Dragon Ball Z Games from Anywhere

Dragon Ball Z games

The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most famous anime series in history. Of course, with that fame comes video games. Beginning back in the 80s, you could find Dragon Ball Z games. The modern version of these games is called Dragon Ball: The Breakers. This survival-style game gives you a 7v1 style of play. The game is fun, involved, and will be really popular. Unfortunately, that popularity means some places ay block you from playing the game. Because you should not have to miss out, you won’t have to as long as you connect to a VPN.

Quickstart guide for using a VPN to unblock Dragon Ball Z games with a VPN

For the easiest way to unblock Dragon Ball Z games anywhere, follow these instructions.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day money back guarantee).
  2. Once you have opened the client, find and connect to the closest server to you, as long as you can play there.
  3. Now, open your favorite Dragon Ball Z game on your console or desktop.
  4. By using either method, you should be able to play and enjoy the game.
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Why do you need a VPN to access Dragon Ball Z games?

Why are Dragon Ball Z games blocked at school and work? Despite being games, they can all take up massive amounts of time. That is especially true when playing a survival game like The Breakers. At school, they are trying to limit the number of distractions you have in your life. While games like The Breakers could help fight boredom when you have the time, they could also lessen the amount of time you have to concentrate on important things. Whether that means you are failing classes, not doing homework, or just not showing up, the school is trying to prevent that from happening.

Although a VPN can help gamers with a variety of problems, the access issue is likely the biggest one at school and work. It will help you by changing your IP address to another in a region of your choice. Then, all you have to do to play is choose a close server. Since you just want access, choose the server closest to you or the recommended one. That way, you can tunnel under the school or corporate firewall. Additionally, a VPN will mask your IP address and give extra protection from DDoS attacks. By selecting a good VPN with an extensive network, you will also be able to unlock geo-restrictions for other game sites. Use a VPN to unblock Dragon Ball Z games.

Dead by Daylight, DBZ style

As we mentioned, the DBZ game called The Breakers is a survival-style game. If you are familiar with Dead bt Daylight, you either pick the killer or one of the survivors. In this one, the ratio is 7v1. The seven survivors need to outwit, outsmart, and outlast the player assuming the role of the raider. If you are playing the raider, you can choose either Cell, Buu, or Frieza. Of course, they are way more powerful than the other players. The underpowered Survivors, which includes the shapeshifting pig named Oolong, must hide, use gadgets, weapons, and power-ups, or disguise themselves among the environment. Despite being underpowered, is there strength in numbers?

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