How to Watch The Amazing Spider-Man with a VPN

Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man is a 2012 movie reboot of the Spider-Man superhero franchise. In this one, high schooler Peter Parker learns how to control his powers while taking on the arch-villain, The Lizard. The film is rated PG-13 and was extremely popular. Its popularity helped re-launch the superhero craze. If you want to see what this movie is all about, you could try renting it online or doing it the easy way. Fortunately, it is available on Netflix but only in certain areas. If you want to watch it in the US, you’ll need to connect to a VPN.

How to change Netflix regions to watch Amazing Spider-Man

If you want to watch Amazing Spider-Man on Netflix from the USA, follow these steps.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day money-back guarantee).
  2. Download the app to your desktop, tablet or mobile device.
  3. Once you launch the app, you need to connect to a VPN server in France.
  4. From here, open the Netflix app or website and search for Amazing Spider-Man.
  5. Enjoy the movie and other great shows anywhere in the world.

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Amazing Spider-Man

Why is Amazing Spider-Man not available on Netflix in my country? As we mentioned, only specific regions have this movie. That is due to licensing rights. Currently, The Amazing Spider-Man is available in 20 countries. These regions are France, Portugal, Japan, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, and more. Of course, that means it is not in the US. You will typically have to miss out on the film if you are there.

Luckily, ExpressVPN will help you solve this problem. It will do that by changing your IP address to Brazil so you can watch it. This will also mask your current IP, so you’ll appear in one of those countries. Not only will it unblock the show so you can watch it anywhere, but it will also unblock other regional libraries as well. This will unblock the streaming service or the regional library and help you watch any show that you want. That way, you can watch your favorite movies unrestricted with a VPN.

One of the starts of the modern superhero craze

The Amazing Spiderman helped re-launch the superhero craze. Raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, he discovers his father’s mysterious briefcase. He then starts a quest where he finds the lab of Dr. Connors. The Doctor’s alter-ego, the Lizard, is who Spider-Man has to battle. Scoring an impressive 6.9 on one of the popular rating websites, this movie is great and did exactly what it was supposed to do – help launch the superhero craze.

Let’s look at the cast.

  • Andrew Garfield – Spider-Man / Peter Parker
  • Emma Stone – Gwen Stacy
  • Rhys Ifans – The Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors
  • Denis Leary – Captain Stacy
  • Martin Sheen – Uncle Ben
  • Sally Field – Aunt May
  • Campbell Scott – Richard Parker
  • Embeth Davidtz – Mary Parker

If you have not seen the movie before, check out the official trailer for Amazing Spider-Man:

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